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Resources Being Gathered to Aid Researchers and Clinicians

New COVID-19 Information Portal Leveraging Resources Suggested by Librarians and Information Professionals Now Available


We are experiencing an unprecedented demand for COVID-19 information, and the need for information is changing more rapidly than any conventional system is prepared to manage. People and organizations that are trying to share or find COVID-19 information are having trouble keeping pace with the demand.

We recognize the critical role and expertise of medical librarians in helping everyone cope with these information demands.

EBSCO Information Services has been asked by many communities for information support (for both finding COVID-19 information and sharing such information with others). We have held multiple conversations with government agencies, healthcare systems, and universities — collaborative dialogs about better ways to provide information support in a knowledge ecosystem. On Friday, March 13th, we started asking these groups, “What can we do right now?” While methods of further collaboration are still to be developed, EBSCO Information Services is creating a COVID-19 Portal. You can use it freely by clicking the button below.

We want to help you as quickly as humanly possible at this challenging time, and we anticipate offering additional ways for you to be involved.

Our strategy is to work with medical librarians FIRST, to learn how to best work with you in such a rapidly developing space, and then to use what we learn to offer similar support for other communities including clinicians and researchers. Please visit the portal for more information on how to get involved.

One of the greatest things we can do in these current times is help everyone remain calm. Quickly getting the information people need to reduce uncertainties and the related stresses is an important way we can help. We greatly appreciate your role in this societal need and look forward to doing this together.


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