EBSCO BiblioGraph

Enhance the portability, visibility and value of your library’s catalog so users can explore and access resources from anywhere on the web.

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By leveraging BIBFRAME and Linked Data, BiblioGraph connects library resources within a graph, enriches resources with data from authoritative sources, and enables the publishing of library resources on any website.

Benefits include:

  • Network of Open Libraries: Join thousands of others in a network of linked data that is available to open search websites like Google, linking back to the library and expanding visibility.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Create and use connected resources to build carousels and views of items that lead back to the catalog from any website.
  • Enrich Your Resources: Gain rich metadata about any given resource by leveraging data. Give users additional context to help them in their search.
  • Expedite Research: Create meaningful data connections between concepts, subjects, topics, people and places.
  • Statistics: Measure the increased visits to your library and see where the traffic is coming from.