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FOLIO: Move beyond the traditional with open source plus exceptional support services from EBSCO

The FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP)

FOLIO is an entirely new LSP, the first to be launched in over 10 years. FOLIO provides a community collaboration of libraries, vendors and developers, coming together to build an open-source library services platform.

FOLIO moves beyond the traditional integrated library system (ILS), allowing anyone to build on its core functionality or extend the platform through development of applications that deliver new services. FOLIO supports both core applications and extensible modules utilising a microservices architecture that encourages both flexibility and innovation.

FOLIO supports core library management functionality across domains including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions and electronic resource management. FOLIO functionality is comprised of apps, which support the various tasks within each domain. Because the platform uses smaller, modular apps, libraries benefit from easier updates and faster development. 


EBSCO FOLIO is a complete service offering support for FOLIO including implementation and data migration services, hosting in the EBSCO AWS infrastructure and support for the FOLIO platform. EBSCO FOLIO also includes value-added integrations with the EBSCO Knowledge Base, EBSCO Discovery Service, GOBI, Panorama analytics and EBSCONET and more.

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EBSCO FOLIO Integrations

As FOLIO is an open system, the APIs and utilities developed are available to connect with a variety of external systems and services. FOLIO is built as a malleable framework that provides a versatile environment, responding directly to the unique needs of each library. This architecture also allows for easy development and integration of FOLIO services into other solutions, making FOLIO infinitely extendable and customisable.

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EBSCO FOLIO – Meet the Team

When you purchase an ILS, you also expect your vendor to provide excellent service. EBSCO FOLIO is more than a platform, it is teams of experts who are trained and dedicated to helping libraries move to FOLIO. 

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The Library of Congress Chooses EBSCO FOLIO

The Library of Congress is migrating to the FOLIO Library Services Platform using EBSCO FOLIO services, as part of a plan to revolutionise the management of its collections.

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Peace of mind with EBSCO FOLIO

EBSCO provides world-class implementation and support for FOLIO including global hosting. Watch the video with Harry Kaplanian, Vice President of Product Management FOLIO Services at EBSCO.

Harry Kaplanian, Vice President of Product Management, FOLIO Services

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DUT adopts FOLIO 

Durban University of Technology utilises EBSCO Information Services and Universal Knowledge Software for FOLIO Implementation and Hosting Services.

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Current FOLIO sites

Institutions worldwide are adopting FOLIO LSP. See a list of sites currently using either EBSCO FOLIO ERM and/or the full FOLIO platform using EBSCO FOLIO Services.

See the list of current FOLIO sites

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FOLIO LSP: It Takes a Village

Learn about the "secret sauce" behind the EBSCO FOLIO team achieving amazing results from EBSCO’s VP of Agile Development, Mark Veksler.

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