Mosaic, by GOBI Library Solutions

Learn more about the new ordering platform that will make ordering library resources easy and intuitive for all. Initial release coming in 2024. 

Mosaic is currently in development and will offer the following:

  • Choice – Mosaic will offer the broadest choice of print book and e-book content and acquisition models, including multi-vendor Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA), Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) and eCollections.
  • Interoperability – Mosaic is being built with an open-first perspective and will offer seamless integration with major ILS, helping libraries have control over their workflows and save time with linking and duplication control.
  • Modern Workflows – Mosaic’s modern, technology-driven workflows will support evolving customer needs by offering speed, efficiency, flexibility, and an intuitive UX.
  • Customization – With customized technical services, approval plans, and consultation with specialized Collection Development Managers, Mosaic will help libraries save time and build a customized workflow.