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Library Services Platform

  • If you want to go on a nice trip, first, you need to plan your itinerary, the additional services and the little extras and customize those according to your needs, preferences and budget. You also need to be able to make flexible adjustments if your plans change. For your library, you will need a library service platform that works in a similar way. Learn more about FOLIO and EBSCO's FOLIO services.

Linked Data

  • Embark on a transformative journey with linked data for research. Regardless of where researchers begin – be it the library website or the open web – their destination remains consistent: accessing vital information swiftly and efficiently. Through the conversion of catalog records into linked data resources, libraries are revolutionizing the organization, discovery, and accessibility of information. With linked data, every user can navigate their path securely, ensuring a seamless journey no matter where they start.


  • If you're seeking a seamless authentication experience beyond external solutions, hop aboard the EBSCO Station train bound for OpenAthens. Discover how OpenAthens streamlines user access to digital resources, offering a suite of authentication options for EBSCO resources and services, from cloud-based single sign-on to comprehensive usage statistics and account monitoring.


  • Unlock a world of knowledge with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). EDS is a robust platform designed to streamline access to scholarly articles, books, journals, and multimedia resources. With advanced search algorithms guiding the way, users effortlessly navigate diverse academic disciplines, uncovering hidden treasures along the journey. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a curious explorer, EDS ensures a seamless and efficient experience, accelerating your quest for knowledge. 

Link Resolver

  • In the intricate web of research exploration, every passenger depends on a vital mechanism to smoothly navigate their journey: the link resolver. Analogous to the engine of a train, the link resolver propels researchers through their online experience, skillfully directing them to their desired destinations with precision and efficiency.


  • The train is moving at constant speed. You can see the scenery outside the window, but you don't know how fast you are going, how far you have traveled, or how much time is left until you reach your destination. What if you had a dashboard that showed you all the relevant information about your journey at a glance? Get to know Panorama, a next-generation library analytics platform that provides you with all the insights you need.